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March 18, 2015 - Larry Claypool
In a selfish way — professionally — I’m hoping the government does get its mitts into making the “World Wide Web” in this country a public utility. Let’s face it, the popularity, and usage, of the Internet has hurt our print industry — the core business of this publication and our main product, Ohio Valley Outdoors magazine. Sure we’ve hung in there and survived the toughest times that our digital competitors have offered, but now I’m waiting to see a healthy uptick in our industry, if and when, Big Brother gets into the Internet business. The government will goof this up! Or will it allow big business to muck it up? After reading reports of huge communications companies who have been playing hardball for some time, it sounds like big bullies like AT&T, Comcast, Verizon and DirecTV are aligned to battle the Federal Communications Committee (FCC) over Internet regulation. The FCC just got involved, officially, last month when they voted to approve President Obama’s plan to ‘enforce’ net neutrality. His idea that Internet providers should not be allowed to prioritize, throttle, degrade or block unlawful content on the Internet. We’ll see how those words are converted to policies or changes. And I can envision how the government plans to TAX the Internet, and or its usage. And the bullies of the broadband cable world are definitely poised to have their greedy hands in the cookie jar. Honestly, who can blame them? Bottom line, we’re going to be paying more for our Internet service in the future. And someone will find a new way to monetize the clicks we make online. Dang! That does not count the gizmos, games and social media tools that we have on our smartphones. Those come with a price too. Now, back to the printed word your holding right now. We’re making a comeback baby! Actually we never left. Maybe we’ve been on the back burner for some of our readers and subscribers, but we do welcome you back. And to our advertisers — past, present and future — we THANK YOU! We’re growing every day and we appreciate you being on board. The work we put into publishing the OV Times each month is most rewarding when we hear positive comments on the street from readers. And it’s nice to see that we get nearly zero returns from the 10,000 copies we distribute each month. Thank you for reading! In a selfish way — personally — I’d like to thank all of our readers of this publication and our sister publications; Ohio Valley Outdoors magazine and Mid-Ohio Valley Outdoor Times. The thank you is also extended to our readers, ‘Friends’ and ‘Likes’ online at and visitors to our Facebook page and Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube accounts. As for our social media sites we also appreciated the traffic those gather. Our key Facebook page, Ohio Valley Outdoors, has nearly 4,000 ‘Likes’. Our Twitter and Pinterest accounts manage to garner many new and unique viewers who graciously venture to our main website; and that’s appreciated. Need an interesting wild game recipe? Our Pinterest page might be the answer. There’s lots of great recipes found there, and you’d be surprised about how many times our recipes are shared. Our YouTube account is very popular among firearms enthusiasts; due mostly to the many gun reviews from our own writer/reviewer Bill Waugaman. Amazingly our YouTube total views have nearly surpassed 1/2 million views. Thank you for viewing and reading!  


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