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Blogging and my ‘Pot of Gold’

July 26, 2013 - Larry Claypool
Junk mail, is that not a pain in the keister? Who pays for this stuff? We do, I guess. How about junk emails — spam mail? They’re a little less painful. They don’t fill up my trash ‘can’. But they are likewise annoying because they must be dealt with. Anyway, one recent email I received really jacked up my blood pressure. I’m already taking medicine for that. I did respond to the ‘spam mail’ though. So I guess it worked. I opened the envelope, read the contents and they got a response from me. That’s what junk mail's supposed to do, right? I didn’t buy anything, so I’m OK. Right? Back to the spam mail. This one came from a research company. They got me! They were ‘fishing’ (yes, I went there) for information — collecting data — about bloggers (we’re back to the Internet now) and “how expert influencers effectively monetize their online efforts”. ‘Monetize’? Yes, I had to look it up just to make sure I knew the meaning of the word. I did. No, we do not make a bunch of money from our Internet blogs or stories. At least I do not. I’m still looking for that ‘pot of gold’. This researcher hinted that her company would like to improve that. “...see if we can help make blogging more profitable for content creators,” said the researcher. I understand that some people may be making a living from writing blogs, but I have to think that’s very limited. If I’m wrong please correct me, and tell me where to send my resume. There are several other factors that come into play when you’re talking about writing/blogging on the Internet. As I told the researcher, “I'm old school”. There’s the truth factor for me. Sure, everyone’s a believer, but are you getting the truth? What does the author have to back up? So what if the facts are twisted? That is a problem for me, and should be for everyone. We’ve all heard the running joke about ‘sure it’s true, I read it on the Internet’. As a purest and journalist, I believe in the truth and backing up my claims. You should want that too. A blogger does not have to have their claims ‘backed up’. And that’s a problem. The researcher also asked about ways to be more effective to “leverage their influence”. To me that’s all about credibility of the writer/blogger. Credibility can be formed in a lot of ways, but must be earned, I feel. How much do we know about a blog writer who’s sitting behind a keyboard? Are they spending time in the woods, or on the water to offer a quantified opinion? That’s what the reader must decide and should demand. Another question on the survey was about promoting products/services on blogs. I don’t have a real problem with that. I know some journalists that try to get every ‘free’ product they can, but that’s not me. I’ll try a product if I can legitimately review it. Stayed tuned. If I get a free box of paper clip fish hooks, I may be able to share those. And you can write about them on your blog. Blog on!


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Junk mail or spam mail, both can be annoying.