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Bushnell Night Vision Goes Digital

April 3, 2013 Night vision is neat. It gives an individual the ability to see in various levels of darkness without the need for lighting. more »»

“This is My Knife” BHK Camp M.U.C.

March 8, 2013 “Ask the Pro Staff” — If you have a question or are seeking subject matter expert’s opinion on a specific hunting, fishing or outdoor related topic, this is your opportunity to get your answer. more »»

Bushnell BackTrack GPS HuntTrack

January 26, 2013 The Definition of Anxiety…trying to find your way out of an unfamiliar area in the dark. For the seasoned hunters, we’ve all experienced this at one time or another. more »»

Woody Max Muck Boots

January 9, 2013 “Ask the Pro Staff” is a new column that will be featured in upcoming issues of the Ohio Valley Outdoors Magazine. more »»

Using Scout Cameras

January 9, 2013 I was out on Black Friday at a local sporting goods store looking at scouting cameras and a young man asked me if I used cameras and what one I would recommend. more »»

My Second Crossbow: A Review of the Wicked Ridge Raider CLS Crossbow

January 8, 2013 One does not forget their first…. their first car, their first house or their first gun. more »»

3 Game Cameras Reviewed...Introduction

December 22, 2012 Evaluating game cameras is not an easy task. There are quite a few companies to choose from and each company typically has a variety of game cameras with different features and various capabilities. more »»

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Game Camera Review

December 22, 2012 Reviewing a Bushnell game camera is not new for me. With the Trophy Cam HD, this is the third one since June 2006. more »»

Cuddeback AttackIR Game Camera Review

December 22, 2012 Four years ago, I wrote a very comprehensive review of the Cuddeback NoFlash. Overall, the NoFlash performed very well. This year, I have Cuddeback’s newest game camera, the AttackIR... more »»

Primos TruthCam Ultra Blackout Game Camera Review

December 22, 2012 Game cameras come in all shapes and sizes, colors and camo patterns, flash and no flash. more »»

3 Game Cameras...Final Comparison

December 22, 2012 Having read all three reviews, the obvious first question someone will ask is ‘which one is best’? I rate all three game cameras as good to excellent for quality, craftsmanship and performance. more »»

How a Game Camera Works

December 2, 2012 There are two common types of motion sensors, infrared (IR) and passive infrared (PIR). IR sensors use a transmitter and IR receiver. more »»

Hunter’s Edge Family of Knives by Savage Arms

July 26, 2012 In 2006, Savage Arms introduced the first Hunter’s Edge Knife. Unlike traditional hunting knives used for outdoor activities, this knife has four different interchangeable blades... more »»

Handheld Mapping GPS

July 24, 2012 GPS units have made substantial improvements in the last several years as technology continually develops. When you drive around, it’s quite common to see them mounted on dashes of cars and trucks. more »»

Garmin eTrex Vista HCx

July 24, 2012 The following is a detailed description of the Garmin eTrex Vista HCx referred to in the article "Handheld Mapping GPS, High Tech Gadget for Outdoors". more »»

DeLorme Earthmate PN-40

July 24, 2012 The following is a detailed description of the DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 referred to in the article "Handheld Mapping GPS, High Tech Gadget for Outdoors". more »»

Motorola Talkabout MR355R

July 13, 2012 When looking to purchase two-way radios, Motorola radios get a lot of attention. It is a name brand well known for electronics and has a reputation for good quality. more »»

Midland X-tra Talk GXT1050

July 13, 2012 Go into any retailer that sells FRS/GMRS radios and the chances of finding Midland two-way radios is very good. The same is true on the internet. more »»

Bushnell’s HD Torch…Big Output from a Compact Package

May 24, 2012 Manufacturers excel when it comes to promoting their products as the “best” or “greatest”. Sometimes, it’s all ‘huff’ and no ‘puff’. more »»

Staying Dry in a Treestand

March 29, 2012 How wet did you get last year while deer hunting? For me, the first several days were not fun...rain, cold, rain, wind, freezing rain, snow, rain, sleet, down pours, drizzle.. more »»



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