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Hard work pays off for legendary bowhunter Chuck Adams

May 20, 2009
By Larry Claypool, OVO Editor
Hard work. It pays off. Just ask Chuck Adams.

Some think the legendary bowhunter had a fortune handed over to him so he could hunt animals around the world. That’s further from the truth.

Adams, a 57-year-old professional archer from Cody, Wyoming, says he doesn’t get upset when people ask him if he inherited a bunch of money to fund his hunting trips. “It doesn’t bother me. I tell them ‘it’s totally self made’”, said Adams between signing autographs at the Northeast Ohio Sportsman’s Show in Dalton, OH in January.

“I’ve worked hard to get where I’m at. I started from scratch. I put a lot of work in so I can hunt for three months,” Adams said.

Adams, who’s notoriety skyrocketed after he completed archery’s Super Slam (he was the first to harvest 27 North American big game animals with a bow), says he works 70-80 hours a week for eight months of the year and takes three months off to hunt. Those eight months include at least 40 days (between January and April) of working sportsman’s shows or events. During many of those events he’ll represent one of the nine products or businesses he promotes. Adams doesn’t call them sponsors. “I work with them to design products,” said Adams.

The companies Adams promotes include an impressive list, all heavy hitters in the archery world. They include: Easton, Hoyt, Realtree Camo, Block Targets, Rage Broadheads, Scent Shield Scent Block, Cabela’s, Tru Glo Archery Sights and Bushnell.

Easton has even developed Super Slam arrows with Adams’ name attached. Besides product development, Adams has written 10 very successful books on bowhunting, written more than 4,000 magazine articles, done several videos, offers hunting tips on television and provides seminars and speaks around the world. His books sales have reached 1/2 million. The latest book, his autobiography, Life at Full Draw, was written by Gregg Gutschon, is the number one archery book on the market with 50,000 copies already sold.

An accomplished writer, he started penning archery articles for Petersen’s Hunting magazine at age 23. After two years of working as a college professor he left to write full time, and hunt. He was the youngest professor at the school when he left. “I found out quickly that school and hunting season started at about the same time. I had to pick one or the other,” said Adams.

A self-taught bowhunter, he started with ‘string and stick’ as a teenager. “I started hunting as a little kid with my grandfather and father. I started bowhunting as a teenager after hunting with a gun got too easy,” said Adams.

Being an accomplished archer, Adams says he answers all kinds of questions about his sport during the many seminars and autograph sessions. What’s the most-asked question he gets? “They want tips,” he said. He also offers this advise, “I tell them ‘don’t ever give up,’” he adds.

Adams, who was inducted into the Archery Hall of Fame in 2008, said he signs about 29,000 autographs a year. And he doesn’t charge money for them. He added that he enjoys talking with hunters. “I like hunters. They’re good folks,” Adams said.

To order one of Adams’ books, call him at 800-916-2574. Internet giant'> has three of Adams’ titles; Life at Full Draw, Super Slam and Bowhunter’s Digest (the third edition).

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Legendary bowhunter Chuck Adams (left) was the featured speaker during the Northeast Ohio Sportsman's Show in Dalton, OH in late January. Adams is shown with OVO Publisher/Editor Larry Claypool.

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To order one of Adams’ books, call him at 800-916-2574. Internet giant has three of Adams’ titles; Life at Full Draw, Super Slam and Bowhunter’s Digest (the third edition).



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