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Scent control

September 1, 2009
By Brian Miller, Field Editor
There has been so much written about scent control over the years it’s amazing that we’re not all crazy about breathing in the forest. I’m not saying that it’s not all valid because whitetails have an amazing sense of smell. Before scent eliminating products, hunters used to go to extreme measures to keep themselves odor free. From putting oak leaves on their hunting clothes to pouring baking soda into boots. And even then it wasn’t enough.

Today with the amazing technology of scent eliminating products it’s making it easier than ever before for hunters to become invisible in the woods. And now that scent elimination clothing has been on the market for many years, many of the companies are coming out with new ways for us to complete our scent elimination process.

New for 2009 ScenTote has developed a scent free bow case. It’s time to get rid of that stinky bow and release. The same hunters who are fanatical about eliminating scent on their clothing and body often forget about their bow. Now it’s time to change that problem. This new case has several big pockets to hold lots of gear. This bow case has a Diamond Rip Stop outer lining with a scent proof zipper system to seal out any unwanted odors. To keep your gear scent free there is a rechargeable scent eliminating cartridge. Along with the bow case, ScenTote also comes with a full lineup of scent eliminating totes. These enable hunters to keep all their gear scent free while driving to the woods.

Rubber boots have been used for many years to eliminate ground odor while traveling into your stand. But while walking humans often begin to sweet. And even your feet will sweet. On cold mornings this is what makes your feet get cold. Anything damp will get colder. And sweet causes BO. If you’re sweating it’s too late, you’re already starting to create bacteria that’s bad “stinky” news. That is why ScentLok developed socks; a great way to rid yourself of smelly feet. Initially I thought “Scent free socks? Are you kidding?” But upon further investigation I realized that odor can easily come out of your boots after a long walk into the stand. This amount of foot odor is enough to send white flags sailing even on the best setups. For those who love to hike to the most remote places or through the marsh need these scent eliminating socks.

Scent eliminating backpacks are a new trend within the past few years. Having the right pack makes light work carrying everything needed into the woods. But the added extra layer of scent protection ensures nothing will give you away. During all day hunts I carry along a lot of gear. And I don’t want the smell of my peanut butter and jelly sandwich to give me away. Additionally during those hot days when you can’t help but sweat on your walk in, that sweaty shirt can be concealed inside a scent free pack.

It is the little things that can make big difference. Scent eliminating gloves is something which has changed the way I hunt. Although I go to every extent to avoid crossing deer trails, whitetails are unpredictable. Several years back I watched a nice eight pointer eating in a neighboring bean field. Once he got a nose full of the neighboring hunter on stand he turned to slip onto my hunting property, and right through my funnel. Moments before stepping perfectly broadside into my shooting lane he turned to walk directly under my stand. Looking straight down I watched him sniff two tree steps through the grates of my tree stand. After a moment he accepted the smell then stepped into a clearing. You never know when scent free gloves will pay off. But they are a little insurance that I won’t leave home without.

But scent eliminating gloves simply make perfect sense. While walking to your stand it’s nearly impossible to not touch a branch or tree. And in my situation wearing scent elimination gloves while touching the tree steps paid big dividends.

If you have confidence, than you have everything. Scent eliminating sprays are my bottle of confidence. Scientific evidence has proven they work. There is enough evidence to have me spending my hard earned money. And I’ll even carry a small bottle into the woods. Spraying down before I head into the woods and then after I climb into the stand is a ritual. Whether you believe in sprays, horse shoes or a rabbit’s foot take it into the woods. My lucky shirt and bottle of scent eliminating spray give me that little edge to get into my stand undetected.

All of these little hunting products have made becoming scent free just a little bit easier. So instead of oak leaves and baking soda I’ve upgraded. What I’ve discovered over the years is that if you get busted something gave you away. Re-evaluate your system, wash your clothing and try again. It is the little things that make big differences in staying odor free. Don’t let a sweaty release band lose a golden opportunity. Fight back against human odor and watch your success rate soar.

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New for 2009, ScenTote has developed a scent free bow case. It’s time to get rid of that stinky bow and release. Photo by Brian Miller

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Today with the amazing technology of scent eliminating products it’s making it easier than ever before for hunters to become invisible in the woods.



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