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January 20, 2010
Ohio Valley Outdoors
(Provided by ODNR)

Be safe:

· No ice is safe ice!

· For one person and gear (approx, 200 pounds) at least four inches of ice is absolutely necessary!

· Always fish with a partner or in an area with several other anglers present

· Let others know exactly where you are going and when you plan to return

· Place a cell phone in a plastic bag to protect it from moisture in case you get wet

· Sprinkle sand around your feet for better traction on the ice

· Wear a life vest in case of an emergency or at least take along a PFD seat cushion

· Avoid areas of feeder streams, springs, bridge pilings, docks, & dam structures since ice is usually very thin


Uh oh! 

· If you fall into the water, try to remain as calm as possible

· Slip your loose boots off to better tread water

· Use ice awls to pull yourself out of the water

· If no ice awls are available, call for help & try “swimming out”; let your body rise up to firm ice & crawl out

· Stay flat, distributing your weight on the ice

· Keep your clothes on once out of the water. This will keep you insulated.

· If someone else falls in, use REACH (stick or fishing pole), THROW (rope or PFD), ROW (row or push a boat), and GO (call for help).

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