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Cold Weather and Predator Hunting

January 19, 2011
By Brian Miller, Field Editor
This snap of cold weather brings on thoughts of predator hunting. Hunting coyotes is one of the few hunting seasons which stay open throughout the winter months. This allows hunters a chance to get out and burst the winter blues. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources indicated that in the past 15 years the coyote population has fluctuated but increased overall. Additionally coyotes are starting to expand their range, often being sighted around urban areas. They are thriving in these areas that other wildlife cannot live.

Ohio hunters are the first line of defense. Coyotes eat whatever is available to them but thrive off small mammals, vegetables, and nuts. Many farmers detest coyotes because of the destruction to livestock. In the same vein whitetail hunters do not like them because of destruction to whitetail fawns. Given the growing population, Ohio predator hunters will have a great chance of success over the winter months.

New for the 2011 predator hunting season, Jerry McPherson from Montana Decoy released “Miss Hoptober.” This decoy is a life-like rabbit that will fool the cleverest coyotes. According to Janet O’Conner from Montana Decoy, “The Pro Staff has been using Miss Hoptober with great success.” This works well when setting up multiple rabbit decoys or combining with their coyote decoy. O’Conner is an accomplished bowhunter herself and cannot wait to use the new decoy to target the coyotes.

This was built with the precision of all their decoys. It includes a sturdy fold-up stake and high definition photography that does not fade. All together it only weighs 7 oz. Miss Hoptober Predator Decoy is only 10x5 inches folded and expands to 24x10 inches set up. Weighing in at a mere 7 oz and retailing for $19.99.

For additional information on any of the Montana Decoy’s visit them at


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