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Persistence Pays Off

July 14, 2011
By John Csizmadia
Persistence is one of the most important qualities an angler can have. It’s also a necessary quality in any of our endeavors. I’ve had the privilege of fishing with and against some of the best walleye anglers from across North America. I’ve also been fortunate to have the help and support of several fishing and boating related companies, both large and small. There’s a common thread between these anglers and companies that has led to their success: Persistence!

Fishing in general can sometimes become very frustrating. Our expectations for a day on the water start with high hopes that are oftentimes dashed by those crafty fish. Cold fronts, lost fish or the plain old “they just weren’t biting today” can add up to a disappointing day on the water. From the tournament fishing perspective, these same obstacles combined with competing against some of the best anglers around can multiply the frustration factor. How can some of these anglers have a great day while others struggle to put together a limit of fish? The same holds true for a business in the outdoors industry. Fuel prices, increased operating costs and the economy’s effect on participation in the outdoors can be substantial obstacles for any business and can be most difficult for smaller companies to overcome. Sounds depressing, but there is a way to overcome all of these obstacles: Persistence!

During a recent conversation I had with Jim Peretti of JB Rodbender, a local tackle manufacturer, we discussed how his company has overcome the obstacles facing outdoors related businesses. “There’s a lot of competition for a customer’s disposable income. We’ve been able to weather the storm by offering high demand products that offer better quality at a competitive price,” stated Peretti. He added, “Our core products are soft plastics geared towards bass fishing, but we’ve recently expanded our line to include spinner blades and accessories to tap into the walleye fishing market.” When I asked what the key ingredient for the success of his business has been Peretti answered with, “Persistence. We’ve seen the ups and downs and it’s been persistence that’s kept us in the game.” For more information on JB Rodbender visit their website at

On the fishing front, persistence recently paid off for Terry Hovance of Cortland, Ohio. I had the pleasure of fishing with Terry during the 2009 WRWA Championship. He’s a talented angler and taxidermist. Terry’s fished the local club circuits for the past 10 years. He’s always been a consistent performer, but until recently, had never been able to put together a big win. That changed during the Ohio Walleye Federation Championship at Mosquito Lake on June 11 and 12. After day one of the tournament Hovance and his partner Bob Wire of Boardman, Ohio were in 12th place. “I felt like we did pretty well on day one, but I knew we had to do better for us to have a shot at winning,” commented Hovance. He elaborates, “I’d been close so many times, but I really thought this one was my best shot.”

To start out day two the team ran to their number one spot. Bang a good sized walleye on the line. Then the heartbreak, it broke the line. A few casts later and bang, another good fish. This one wrapped the line around the weeds and the hooked popped out. A few minutes later another fish on, only to have it slip away at the net. “We felt horrible,” stated Wire. “I couldn’t help but think, here we go again. It’s going to be one of those days,” added Hovance. But then things turned around. The two anglers collected themselves and got back to fishing.

Hovance, drawing on years of angling experience, switched from worms to leeches and changed to a watermelon colored jig while fine-tuning his boat control to methodically pick apart the area he was fishing. As a result the team put together an impressive five fish limit weighing 15.8 pounds. Combined with their day one weight of 10.4 pounds their total weight of 26.2 pounds secured the come from behind win. “It was a blast! The way things started I was worried but then it all came together,” stated Wire.

Hovance adds, “This one is really special. To win a championship on my home lake with my family and friends watching is a moment I’ll cherish forever!” When I asked Hovance what the key to their comeback was he replied, “It wasn’t a special lure or bait, those things help, but after a tough start, it all came down to not giving up. We kept fishing hard and it turned around for us.”

Ah yes: Persistence!

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Terry Hovance and his son Tyler display the results of persistence. Photo by Lisa Hovance

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“I couldn’t help but think, here we go again. It’s going to be one of those days”



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