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Gamma Lines Moves to Oil City, PA

November 22, 2011
By Larry Claypool - Publisher & Editor , Ohio Valley Outdoors

OIL CITY, PA - Dale Black has always loved to fish. And he always wanted to get into the bass fishing industry. Being a tournament bass pro was high on his list. That dream fizzled but Black remained confident.

In 2009 Black approached the proprietors of Gamma Technologies to see if the business was for sale. It was not.

Gamma, which is based in Pittsburgh, PA, was best-known for its high performance tennis racket strings. In 2002 Gamma broke into the fishing line market with its Frog Hair Shooting Line for fly fishing. Three years later (2005) Gamma began to market a full line of tackle line. Gamma quickly built an impressive chunk of the high-end fishing line business. Black, a dedicated fisherman, used the Gamma line and swore by its strength, resilience and overall top quality. Less than a year after Gamma had spurred Black, he had heard through a couple of sources that the company was faltering and wanting to shed it's fishing line products with a "cult-like" following.

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Gamma Lines owner Dale Black checks a line spooling machine at the Black Knight Industries facility in Oil City, PA. The machine spools up to 23 rolls of fishing line per run.

Black contacted Gamma again in 2010 and it wasn't long before Black whisked the fishing line division of Gamma about 90 miles north to Oil City. Under the name of Black Knight Industries, Black and his wife Heidi, obtained the rights to Gamma Lines in November of 2010. Gamma Technologies of Pittsburgh remains the patented owners of the Gamma technology and processes the line through its exclusive nanotechnology that molecularly alters the line filaments. Skeins of line is then shipped to Black Knight Industries to be spooled, packaged and made available to dealers and for Internet sales.

I toured the Black Knight Industries facility last month as part of the northwest Pennsylvania River-to-Lake Media event. Black explained his love for Gamma line and the reason he wanted to purchase the popular brand. "I always wanted to get into the bass fishing industry," said Black. "I've tried different things but a chance to own Gamma, it's the best you can get. I've used it and always liked it."

Black said his goal is to maintain the quality that Gamma has built (they offer a money back guarantee), and keep cranking out orders. "The sky is the limit. This line is for serious anglers, but I'd like to see everyone using Gamma line," said Black.

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"The sky is the limit. This line is for serious anglers, but I'd like to see everyone using Gamma line." - Dale Black

The new owner of Gamma says the preferred line on his reels are Gamma's Edge Fluorocarbon. That line holds up well in some of his favorite fishing spots in the Allegheny River. "I like it's strength and high abrasion resistance," said Black.

The new Gamma location still offers all of popular fishing lines: Copolymer, Edge Fluorocarbon, Fluorocarbon Leader, Copolymer Ice, Fluorocarbon Ice and Frog Hair. Copolymer is available in weights 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 17 and 20 pounds in ultra clear and 2-40 lb. in moss green, fluorescent blue and high vis gold. Edge Fluorocarbon is available (all clear only) in weights of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 20 lbs. Copolymer Ice is available in weights 2-10 lbs. in blue and 1-10 lbs in clear. Fluorocarbon Leader is available in weights 10-80 lbs. Fluorocarbon Ice is available (clear only) in weights 2-10 lbs. Frog Hair Shooting Lines are available in weights 40, 50 and 80 lbs.

For additional information about Gamma Lines, contact Dale Black at 800-437-2971 or email at: The website is: Gamma Lines (Black Knight Industries) is located at: 382 State Route 227, Oil City, PA 16301.



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