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Happy New Year:

The Cycle Continues

January 20, 2012
By Larry Claypool, Editor , Ohio Valley Outdoors

Happy New Year!!!

Yes another year has slipped past - 2012 is upon us. Will this be the year you bag that huge buck that's been eluding you or catch that whopper bass that's been breaking your line? Let's hope so. You're getting tired of just 'talking' about it, right?

But, the pursuit of that trophy is the fun part, and keeps us going. The pursuit also pushes us to scout better, harder and keep up on our trail cameras and equipment. And it keeps us coming back to our favorite fishing hole. It also keeps the commerce going with everything associated with the outdoors - the licenses, permits, supplies, bait, new equipment and on and on.

Yes, what you didn't harvest last year will keep you focused on accomplishing that goal this year - and keep spending money toward achieving that goal. What if you do reach that goal - bag that big buck or reel in that big fish? You're going to come back, right? Next time you'll want something bigger. It's human nature.

So, keep doing what you're doing, maybe even work a little harder at it this year, and you'll be rewarded - one way or the other. At least it's great talking about it - either way. And the cycle continues.

Dedicated to Sports and Youths

As hosts of the Ohio Valley Outdoors Radio Show we have met some very interesting people - all dedicated to their particular sport or cause. In Steve Scott's case, it's both. Scott is the founder and director of On Target Outfitters, a faith-based non-profit organization based in Canfield, OH. They enjoy hunting and shooting sports and other outdoor activities as a way to reach out to young people in school grades 1-12. Scott has been able to mentor many youths in the sport of archery, which he is a certified instructor, and help shape the lives in a positive manner in many other ways through the On Target programs.

During a recent broadcast of the OVO Radio Show, Scott introduced three young people (Clayton Frame, Tirzah Pouliot and Austin Householder) who are part of his program. Each of the youths represented a different part of Scott's programs; the summer camps, After-School Program and Mentored Program.

All three of the youths talked about how they got into the On Target program and how it's helped them excel. Householder, a seventh-grader at Canfield Middle School, has been with the program since the beginning (three years ago). He took his first bird on a recent pheasant hunt, as did Pouliot, who also bagged her first turkey last fall. Pouliot, also a seventh-grader at Canfield, said her confidence has soared since entering the program. She's a pretty good shot too. "Better than many of the boys," she added.

No program is without many good volunteers. Scott echoed that, and introduced parent/volunteer Maria Householder (Austin's mom). Maria admitted the program has helped her son. She's also gotten more involved as a volunteer and has taken to hunting herself.

For additional information about On Target Outfitters, contact Scott at 330-423-5101 or visit their Website at



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