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DeLorme Earthmate PN-40

Detailed Description

July 24, 2012
Bill Waugaman , Ohio Valley Outdoors

The following is a detailed description of the DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 referred to in the article "Handheld Mapping GPS, High Tech Gadget for Outdoors".

Package - Delorme Earthmate PN-40, USB Cable, Neck Lanyard, 2GB SD Card, 2 AA Alkaline Batteries, User Manual, Quick Start Guide, Topo USA Software and 4 DVDs (integrated topographic and detailed street maps for U.S./Canada/Mexico with bodies of water, points of interest, public lands, etc.).

-- 4 Main Screens/Pages

Article Photos

Earthmate PN-40

Satellite Page - 3 options (Disable GPS, Calibrate, Set Current Location)

Map Page - 4 options (Turn Imagery On, Map Setup, Measure Distance, Info Fields)

Compass Page - 3 options (Calibrate, Hiking Route Arrow, Info Fields)

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Trip Info Page - 4 options (Change Info Fields, Restore Info Defaults, Switch to Show Large Text, Reset Info)

Each of the main screens give access to an options menu for that page and 8 User Selectable Screens/Pages: Waypoints Page (3 options), Geocaches Page (6 options), Routes Page (2 options), Tracks Page (2 options), Sun/Moon Page (1 options), Tide Page (1 options), Hunt/Fish Page (1 options), Device Setup Page (12 options)

Controls - 8 Buttons (In/Out Zoom, Menu, Enter, Power, Mark, Find, Quit, Page) and 1 Rocker control

* Backlight usage and light intensity are the primary factors in reducing battery life.

PLUSES - The topographic and road maps software package included with the Earthmate PN-40 covers the entire U.S. (+++); Color topographic maps with TopoUSA installed are excellent showing wetlands, waterflows, bodies of water, tree cover and residential areas in addition to highways, primary and secondary roads (+++); Multiple maps can all be loaded at the same time on the SD Card or into the internal memory and then controlled on which map or maps are displayed (++); Online access to USGS Quad maps, SAT10 Satellite images and NOAA Nautical Charts for major water bodies that can be selectively downloaded for the entire U.S. (+) ($29.95/year for access).

MINUSES - Battery life could be improved (-); The internal chip set is extremely sensitive making for excellent accuracy; however, this makes the PN-40 occasionally show very small fluctuations in the display or readings caused by satellite signals reflecting off of objects instead of being direct line of sight (-); while the buttons on the front are very easy to use and activate, a direct bump on the buttons or packing away too tightly may cause the screen to change (-);

The Earthmate PN-40 with the Topo maps and software is really slick. Using the 'panning' feature, the screen shot shown of the I-80/Rt. 18 area in West Middlesex, PA was created 2.13 miles away. It shows forested cover (light green), the open water (solid light blue), wetlands (blue pattern), incorporated area (tan), the abandoned railroad, the small creek and all of the roads. As the 'arrow' is moved over an area using the rocker control, a description appears above the speed box.

Even though the input/output connector requires a proprietary cable only available from Delorme, it does not require a protective cover which gives easy access and a weatherproof connection. This is a very nice convenience. The SD card slot is under the battery compartment.

MSRP** (as tested with software/maps) -- $349

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First Published April 2010



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