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Otis Breech-to-Muzzle® Cleaning System

November 13, 2012
Bill Waugaman , Ohio Valley Outdoors

Helping a friend clean an old 8mm military rifle, none of my cleaning kits had the proper size brush for this bore diameter. I realized that having an all-inclusive and complete cleaning kit would be far more beneficial than an assortment of kits and supplies. That's when I was introduced to Otis Technology.

Otis Technology is a family owned business in Lyons Falls, NY that manufactures gun cleaning systems for the military, law enforcement and the general public. Their website is impressive and informative. For example, there are 22 different cleaning systems under the 'Hunting & Sporting' category, or by entering the calibers/gauges of your firearms in the 'System Selector', recommended cleaning systems will be shown.

I chose the Otis Elite Gun Cleaning System (FG-1000) primarily for the completeness of components to clean just about any firearm. This cleaning system contains:

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* Printed and interactive DVD instructions

* 3 Memory-Flex cables (8" to 36")

* 16 Bronze bore brushes (9 for .22 to .50 cal., 2 for .17 & .22, 5 for .410 to 10 ga.)

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Otis Elite Gun Cleaning System

* Chamber brush for 5.56x45 (a 7.62x54 chamber brush is available)

* 7 pc. MSR/AR Maintenance Tool Set

* 3 pc. Lens Cleaning Kit (cleaner, mohair lens brush, premium lens tissues)

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* NATO adapter and threaded connector

* Bore reflector to transmit light for inspection and act as a chamber flag

* 100 All-caliber patches and 50 Small-caliber patches

* All-purpose receiver brush

* Zippered nylon carry case (approx. 15"x9"x5") with pad lock

Plus, the Elite Gun Cleaning System includes the FG-750 Tactical Cleaning System in a round zippered pouch that you can take out to carry with you. This lightweight, soft pack case with belt loop is only 4" in diameter, 2 " thick and includes:

* 8", 30" and 34" Memory-Flex Cables

* 6 caliber-specific bronze bore brushes

* Bore reflector / chamber flag

* T-handle and obstruction removal tools for jammed cases and other blockages

* Holder to secure and protects brushes and components

What Sets Otis Cleaning Systems Apart

Bore Brushes -- The bore brushes have the caliber stamped on stem, they're made with finer (and more) bristles than typical brushes and they're filled with wire to the tip. The Tufcor proprietary core wire is color-coded by caliber/gauge (7 colors), it has a tight twist for retaining bristles and is corrosion resistant. The bore brushes in the FG-1000 kit come in clear protective tubes with the caliber/gauge printed on the outside.

Memory-Flex Rods -- The Memory-Flex rods are aircraft grade galvanized steel cable covered in a proprietary nylon coating to protect the firearm's bore. The end fittings are cold welded onto the cable using extremely high pressure. The Memory-Flex rods have a 750# pull strength.

Cleaning Patches -- The cleaning patches are made from 100% tight weave cotton and can be used for 6 passes per patch. For shotguns, there are patch saver plugs that hold the patch firmly against the bore when pulled through the barrel. Two tubes of Otis O85 Ultra Bore are included; this will clean, penetrate, lubricate and leave a protective coating without damage to wood/plastic.

There are several benefits to using the Otis Cleaning Systems. First of all, Otis cleaning systems are designed for proper cleaning from the breech to the muzzle. Using a typical cleaning rod that is pushed from the muzzle to the breech will push foulings into the chamber or action. A cleaning rod can also nick the bore at the muzzle that can affect accuracy. Second, none of the brass parts or brushes with the Otis Cleaning Systems will corrode or oxidize. Third, since these cleaning systems are made up of individual components, replacement parts are available if something is lost or damaged so you don't have to replace the entire kit.

The Otis Technology Elite Gun Cleaning System is Made in USA and comes with a lifetime warranty on non-consumables. The MSRP is $149.99 (which includes the FG-750 Tactical Cleaning System that has an MSRP of $59.99). For more information, check out the Otis Technology website at:



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