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3 Game Cameras...Final Comparison

December 22, 2012
Bill Waugaman , Ohio Valley Outdoors

Having read all three reviews, the obvious first question someone will ask is 'which one is best'? I rate all three game cameras as good to excellent for quality, craftsmanship and performance.

Since the purpose of a game camera is to take pictures and videos, all three were set to the same resolutions for images and videos. For a controlled 'back yard' test, stakes were set at 10 foot increments out to 70 feet, at 15 and 30 angles, and the cameras were 30" off of the ground. Testing was done during the day and at night, temperatures ranged from 38-74F, and under various weather conditions.

PIR Trigger - Both the Trophy Cam HD and the AttackIR occasionally triggered as far away as 60-70 feet and consistently in the 40-45 foot range. The Ultra Blackout occasionally triggered in the 55-60 foot range and consistently around 40 feet. The PIR sensor cone was widest with the Trophy Cam HD occasionally triggering 20-25 left or right of center. While a wider sensor cone may cause more false triggers, it is also advantageous since it could trigger to catch images that game cameras with narrow sensor cones will miss.

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Daytime Images and Video The Bushnell and Cuddeback game cameras generally produced excellent images and videos. In direct sunlight, the Trophy Cam HD did experience slight overexposure; otherwise, the images and videos were excellent. The AttackIR Smartcolor Image Technology really did an excellent job of enhancing the image and video colors; the AttackIR images were stunning. The Ultra Blackout produced very good images and videos with slightly less contrast giving a softer appearance.

Nighttime Images and Video All three game cameras have IR image blur at night when capturing fast moving objects or slow moving objects close to the camera (this is common); with video, blur is not noticeable. The Trophy Cam HD produced the best overall nighttime images and videos at all distances. The AttackIR images were nearly as good except at distances less than 20 feet where the IR illumination started to 'wash out' the image (this is a common occurrence with many IR game cameras). The Ultra Blackout IR produced good images and videos closer than 40 feet; 50 feet was the limit. During the 'back yard' testing at night, it was surprising to see and distinguish the tree line at 100 feet with the Trophy Cam HD and AttackIR cameras.

In comparison to Bushnell and Cuddeback models I still have from several years ago, improvements in technology have definitely enhanced the PIR sensor, trigger speeds, daytime and nighttime image quality in both the Trophy Cam HD and AttackIR. The Primos TruthCam Ultra Blackout, the least expensive of the three, performed surprisingly well.

A decision on which one to purchase would be more dependent on personal preferences and individual needs. You won't go wrong with any of the three...

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