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Woody Max Muck Boots

Product Review

January 9, 2013
By Travis R. Hunt - OVO Pro Staff , Ohio Valley Outdoors

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I love to hunt the post-rut woods of Ohio but my feet get really cold. I have what I thought was a good pair of boots; however, they just don't cut it. What boots do you wear and why?

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Travis Hunt puts a pair of Woody Max Muck Boots to the test during one of his recent Ohio hunting trips.

- Nick B., Bloomingdale, OH


Nick, thanks for the question. My journey to "that one particular treestand" is not easy. I drop off the pavement, cross under a rural bridge and trek into a creek bed. This creek is more like a little river and is always flowing. There is truly no direct path out of the creek so I am forced to climb that muddy bank. Thankfully I have a sturdy sapling with deep roots that I borrow. Once on dry land I navigate two acres of hill side until I arrive at the flat plateau and climb into my metal ladder stand. This spot is secluded and the deer feel no pressure, so I hunt this refuge after the start of the wave of orange in the woods of Ohio. I settle into the stand and inevitably the does begin to emerge from the thicket for the afternoon feeding. I will pass on the ladies but not their eight point suitor. If all goes well, I will fill the freezer.

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"Ask the Pro Staff" is a new column that will be featured in upcoming issues of the Ohio Valley Outdoors Magazine.

This scenario details three conditions that strike fear into the heart and feet of even the most passionate of hunters - water, mud and metal. This means your feet can get wet, you can slip and if you survive the first two your feet may still freeze as the metal from the ladder stand conducts cold directly through your boot and into your feet. All of these create a miserable condition and your thoughts begin to bring you home. but you know if you are not out there you can't get your deer. So may hunters choose to be miserable and hope for the best. I must confess, I was one of these hunters, until this fall. This was when I was introduced to the Woody Max boot manufactured by the Original Muck Boot Company. This boot is advertised as a quality, scent free boot for all terrains, with a comfort range from 60F to -40F and retails for less than $150.

I am no stranger to the Original Muck Boot Company as my daughters wear the Tack version on our ranch while romping and tending to the animals. The Woody Max boots are 16" tall and constructed from rubber neoprene that is engineered to be waterproof. Additionally, after gliding into the Woody Max, your feet will be nestled in a CR Flex foam bootie while the upper proudly boast the Mossy Oak Break-Up camouflage pattern.

The advertisements for the Woody Max built my expectations to a polar combination of doubtful cynicism and giddy hope. My pair arrived and I headed afield. The current Ohio hunting season has been met with warm days, deluges of rain from the remnants of the former Hurricane Sandy and even a few days of snow. My Woody Max boots have exceeded my expectations on every front, from foot comfort, appearance, traction, true waterproof design and most of all warmth while sitting idle in my ladder stand. I usually do not get overly excited about foot wear but I can say with 100% certainty that the Wood Max boots boast the ideal combination of comfort, warmth and design. I am an Original Muck Boot Customer for life and stamp these as Pro Staff approved.

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Greetings from the woods of Ohio, I hope to see you out here. My feet will be warm and toasty, will yours?

For more information on the Woody Max boot, visit the Original Muck Boot Company website at



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