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Outdoor TV with a Twist — Drop Tyme TV

March 8, 2013
By Larry Claypool - OVO Editor , Ohio Valley Outdoors

Adam Kikel loves the outdoors, loves to hunt with his bow or anything else that'll drop legal game. He's right at home fishing or bowfishing in western Pennsylvania too. A desire to tie in his college major and love for the outdoors a few years ago, Kikel decided to start his own web-based outdoor TV show - dubbed Drop Tyme, Web TV for The Outdoor Addict.

With Season I behind him, a need for more sponsors and Season II looming, Kikel, and his sidekick and co-host Jesse Zunic, worked the crowd recently during the Allegheny Sport, Travel and Outdoor Show in nearby Monroeville, PA. Kikel left the outdoor show with a few sponsors, new story lines and some decent video footage for future shows.

Kikel said the online show focuses on testing a variety of products in their own respective categories, "through creative and entertaining means". It's outdoors TV with a twist.

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"And then using the best ones in a real life hunting scenarios to kill our quarry; which includes anything and everything that swims, walks, or flies and can be hunted legally!" said Kikel.

The young entrepreneur (that's his minor at St. Vincent College; he'll graduate in May with a Marketing degree) admits the show will have a special focus on archery. "But, we are equal opportunity killers that do not discriminate against other weapons or product categories as demonstrated in our many product testing segment videos and video blog entries."

Kikel uses his skills of video editing and sound mixing to enhance his videos. "Along with creative and entertaining ways of testing these products out and choosing the best one, we bring you fast paced, energetic footage and editing of our outdoor adventures," explained Kikel. "We use only the best products to hunt anything and everything from groundhogs to whitetails, turkeys to catfish."

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Drop Tyme, Web TV for The Outdoor Addict, features owner/creator/host Adam Kikel.

For Season II, Kikel promises several of their favorite hunts (whitetail, black bear, and turkey) and episodes featuring an archery hunt for snow geese, a bowfishing outing for PA carp (shooting from a boat and from underwater), and a special trip down to Florida for 1,000 pound hammerhead sharks.

Also in 2013, Drop Tyme will release a multi-weekly video blog that will feature more product demonstrations and reviews, deleted scenes, and behind the scenes footage.

"In addition to hosting our show on our website and on iTunes, we will also begin releasing our webisodes on a number of different channels including Wild TV, HuntVids, Vimeo, YouTube, and of course iTunes!" added Kikel.

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Drop Tyme TV is based out of Belle Vernon, PA. Kikel is the show's host and he does all of the web design/maintenance, editing and post production and "all of the other business that goes along with it". Zunic, Kikel's best friend since they were little kids, is the co-host and "my right-hand man/hunting consigliere and helps film new products to test and drop animals!"

To watch Drop Tyme TV, or to subscribe, visit their website at: or see them on Facebook or You Tube. To see a video clip done by Drop Tyme TV about Ohio Valley Outdoors magazine, visit the website:

To contact Kikel about the show, email him at:



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