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“This is My Knife” BHK Camp M.U.C.

"Ask the Pro Staff"

March 8, 2013
By Travis Hunt - OVO Pro Staff , Ohio Valley Outdoors

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I want a knife a good knife, a knife that I will be proud to own, serve me well and yet be affordable. What knife do you suggest and why?

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Travis Hunt found the Blind Horse Knives Camp M.U.K. knife to be a great companion in the hunting woods.

- Gage S., from Steubenville, OH


Gage, Thanks for the question. If I had a dollar for every knife that I have owned in my life, I would not be rich, but would definitely be able to fill my big truck with a tank of gas. Come to think of it, you almost need to be rich to fill your tank.

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This knife retails for $130 and the orange handle is about $10 more.

The United States Marine Corps Rifleman's Creed begins: "This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life." I wanted a knife that I could call my own so I began exploring. My research landed me in Wintersville, Ohio, a mere few miles from my home and at the front door of Blind Horse Knives, LLC (BHK). I was greeted by L.T. Wright, one of the BHK founders. He provided me with a tour of the factory. He explained to me that there is a second BHK factory in Cambridge, Ohio that is operated by the other BHK founder Dan Coppins. Both factories employ approximately 22 personnel including craftsmen, office staff, a graphic artist and a webmaster.

L.T. explained to me that BHK routinely crafts nine "series" of knives that include about 18 varieties. The varieties of knives are created via the combination of material variables including quality steels, blade grinds, handle material, and type of sheath. The Knapp Series is the most economical series, features a 2 1/2" sharpened edge and begins at $50. On the other hand, the Lumberjack Series features a total length of 12 1/8" and begins at $240.

I decided to give them a try and ordered a BHK Camp M.U.K. with a hunter orange handle. Hunter orange was essential for me because I am really good at losing knives in the woods. However, I was tempted to select from a variety of wooden handles. I choose the Camp M.U.K. because the 3 3/8" long and 1/8" thick 01 tool steel blade has a slight concave design that enables my finger to lie on the blade and guide the knife when precision is needed. like field dressing a big Ohio buck. The knife has an overall length of 7 5/8" and the handle is 4 1/2" long. There is even a 1/4" diameter lanyard hole positioned near the end of the handle. This knife retails for $130 and the orange handle is about $10 more.

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The bottom line is why should you buy a BHK knife? I offer the following reasons:

The knife is made in America and, in turn, employs local Americans.

Most materials are obtained locally.

The knife is a custom creation and no two are exactly the same.

The knife boasts a lifetime workmanship warranty, surrounded by a replace, refund or repair philosophy.

I received a call about a month later, from BHK, informing me that my knife was ready for delivery. To my surprise, the knife came with a leather sheath that allowed me to insert my belt into the sheath. In turn, the sheath hung from my belt via a leather loop and a sturdy metal ring connecting the sheath to the belt loop. This is a nice feature because the knife is convenient but not confined directly against your waist. My BHK Camp M.U.K. is truly an heirloom quality tool that I will be honored to pass down to my son. In honor of the United States Marine Corps, let it be the first to say: "This is my knife. There are not many like it, but this one is mine."

Greetings from the woods of Ohio. if you see me, I will not be looking for my Camp M.U.K. in the leaves, because my knife is hard to lose. For more information on BHK please visit their website at:; call them at 740-219-1142, or visit their factory and store located at 130b Warren Lane, Wintersville, OH 43953.



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