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Top ATA Products 2013

April 5, 2013
By Brian Miller - OV Times Field Editor , Ohio Valley Outdoors

In the world of archery the Archery Trade Association Show (ATA) is a big deal. This is the time that many manufacturers rollout the new products for 2013. Though thousands of products are showcased there are a few that shine above the rest. These are products of all sizes and shapes that bring the most value to the hunters in the field. This year Ohio Valley Outdoors was there to bring you the best 12 products showcased at the ATA show.

These are not just new gadgets, but products that filled a gap or enhanced new technology. From broadheads that cut bigger holes, hunting arrows that provide deeper penetration, and even gloves which allow you to use your smartphone while in the field. Join us to review the top archery products of the year.

Muddy Outdoors: Hunter Stick

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Real Gear LLC: Stryker
Out of all the small gadgets this one will leave an impression. The Stryker is a smartphone holster that is designed for the outdoorsman.

For the past two years there has been a big demand from the Muddy fans to build a three step climbing stick. This year they've answered with the Hunter Stick. This is a 32-inch climbing stick with boot cleats on both sides. Having cleats on both sides allows the hunter to switch the way he climbs ups and down. Also while getting hanging or getting into the stand it provides better stability. They moved away from the rope cam system and used a cam strap instead. I climbed on them and found the Hunter Sticks to be rock solid. These come in 3-packs or will be sold individually to the hunter.

Real Gear LLC: Stryker

Out of all the small gadgets this one will leave an impression. The Stryker is a smartphone holster that is designed for the outdoorsman. This case locks the smartphone securely to the safety harness or belt. It can quickly be detached to put your smartphone in your hand to text, call, email, or surf the web. What is unique is this holster is engineered to stay tethered to you at all times. There will be no worry about dropping your phone. This is designed for both the hunter and fisherman. Mine will be moved from my safety harness in the fall months, to my waders during spring fishing, and attached to my belt while boating on the water. This will keep my smartphone from sinking to the bottom of the river.

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This year Ohio Valley Outdoors was there to bring you the best 12 products showcased at the ATA show.

Ironclad: Realtree Touchscreen Liner Glove

The Ironclad Realtree Touchscreen Liner glove is built very unique to the hunter using touchscreen phones. This glove allows you to text, type, and swipe on any of the smartphone screens. This allows a hunter to stay connected even while in the field. Different to the Ironclad gloves is the entire palm and all the fingers have the touchscreen material to allow for full coverage. The back of the glove has a Realtree camo to keep you hidden.

TruGlo: Tru-Fit Universal Replacement Release Strap

TruGlo has developed a release strap that fits like a glove. The strap can replace any TruGlo Release straps. Shown here is the new Detonator Release with the Tru-Fit Universal Release Strap. The new Boa Closure System can be dialed in to tighten or the knob is released out to pull free. This wrist strap has a knob to twist tight to the right setting, regardless of glove thickness. This is truly a one handed strap; quick on and quick off.

BloodSport: Hunter Series Arrows

BloodSport has come out with two great new features for the 2013 arrows. After the shot hunters are always looking at the arrow to diagnose the effectiveness of the shot. To help BloodSport arrows have added a Blood Ring around the middle of the arrow. This is a white ring on the arrow to show the blood. This is a white spray-on sticky white ring that captures the blood. This allows the hunter to determine the shot location and does not affect the arrow flight. Afterwards the blood washes off with water so it's ready for the next hunt.

Additionally BloodSport has added the Flare Series of lighted nocks that do not require resighting when you change to the nock system. There is an aluminum collar to help protect the lighted nock. You can shoot with the same nock all year long and add the flare light when hunting season arrives. This only adds five grains when added. These are two great additions to the Blood Sport line of arrows.

Victory Archery: Victory VAP Arrows

The hunter looking for a deep penetrating and small diameter hunting arrow then look no further. These arrows have been out for a year but are worth a second look. Small diameter arrows have been known to pull inserts but the new Penetrator Broadhead Adaptor solves that problem by tapering from smaller to larger. This allows the arrows to be pulled without catching any resistance. Because they are a small diameter hunting arrow there is less area for wind drag providing higher speeds and deeper penetration. Several independent tests have confirmed the amazing penetration, something needed by all hunters. It comes in three straightness' .001, .003, and .006. The adaptor at the front of the arrow makes this a Front of Center (FOC) arrow design, another component to help with broadhead penetration.

ScentLok: Commando Crossbow

The Commando Crossbow outfit delivers great performance with features for the hardcore hunter. Although this was designed with the crossbow hunter in mind it is also ideal for any whitetail hunter. Inside is a soft midweight microfleece that will keep you warm through a variety of weather. The zippered chest pocket is the perfect size for a cell phone or rangefinder. Inside the upper pocket is an attached scope lens cloth to wipe away any moisture or dirt from the scope lens. The large side pockets are big enough to carry along a crossbow cocking rope while keeping the hunter's hands warm. There are also extended cuffs with thumbholes to lock in scent while locking out the cold air.

The pants have a high waist with removable suspenders. Two more big cargo flap pockets are available to hold extra deer calls, ScentLok mask and gloves. All of these features include the high quality design and carbon alloy scent containment system. ScentLok has delivered another outfit with all the features for the hardcore hunter; unparalleled features, warmth, and carbon scent elimination.

BlackGold: Scent Ambush

The Scent Ambush sight is a new single pin moveable bowsight. This new sight answers the problems faced by other movable sights. The pins are 20% brighter than the competitors. They are so bright BlackGold has a PhotoChromatic shell turns dark purple, blocking UV light and dulling overly bright pins. There are micro adjustments to make the fine tune adjustments needed. The range adjustment has been turned to face the hunters so adjustments can be made on the fly. This comes with 54 different sight tapes to ensure you can accurately dial in from 0-100 yards. No matter what your target's distance your tape allows you to accurately dial in. The adjustment dial fits securely into your hand and locks down when not being adjusted. This is a great durable sight for all ranges.

SpyPoint: Action Video Camera

Spypoint has been a company that has been on the cutting edge of technology in the trail camera business. This year they have a high definition Action Video Camera with all the features of a high-end point of view camera. In the past many point of view cameras needed a 3rd party attachment to connect to your bow. Spypoint has a camera designed for the hunter with a scope mount, bow mount, case, and head strap. This will allow the hunter to point the camera on the action or back at the hunter. Also a camo waterproof case and remote control comes standard. The sample videos I saw were very clear and crisp. The Spypoint Action Video Camera is smaller than the leading competitor at a much lower price. Whether you are capturing the hunt to replay for your friends or professionally filming, this is a high quality point of view camera at the right price.

NAP: Killzone Broadhead Models

Last year NAP stormed into the market with the Killzone 2-inch rear deploying broadhead. After much success the consumer wanted more. NAP answered the request with three new models; Killzone MAX, Killzone Low KE, and Killzone Crossbow. All the ferrules are tough and the blades will not open upon impact. They stay closed in flight and in the quiver, you cannot knock them open. Broadhead blades deploy together with the same rear deploying broadhead that offers huge entry and exit holes.

The Killzone MAX is for the hunter shooting higher pounds and kinetic energy. NAP recommends a 70 lb bow. The broadhead has a redesigned pop bottle looking ferrule that is colored green. There are tough spring clip and stronger blades.

Killzone Low KE is only 1.75 inches and designed for a lower pounds and kinetic energy. Hunters shooting bows down to 40 lbs can shoot the NAP Killzone Low KE. This is ideal for youth and women. The Killzone Crossbow has been tested beyond 410 feet per second. They are guaranteed to not open in flight at the higher speeds. This also comes in a 2-inch cut, standard rear deploying, and tough springs. This is a great lineup that completes the NAP Killzone lineup.

Moultrie: Panoramic 150

The Moultrie Panoramic 150 is in a league of its own. This is the first trail camera that has a 150-degree detection angle and camera angle. After detecting movement the panoramic lens takes three pictures and pieces them together for a full panoramic field of view. The way this works is the camera lens moves to three specific locations and takes a picture at each location. These three pictures are pieced together to create a panoramic view. From the time it wakes until all three pictures are taken takes a total of four seconds. The three motion sensors in the unit give it the widest detection angle of any trail camera on the market today.

Packed into the camera is a time-lapse plot camera by day and motion by night. Burst mode includes 1-3 pictures, with a 5/15/30 seconds or 1-60 minute delay. There is an HD video by day and night option. With 6 C batteries, the 8 megapixel pictures can take 9,000 images.

Nice Targets: Plastic Targets

Nice Targets came out with a new plastic imprinted target face. These plastic targets resolve many problems the paper targets present. These targets withstand more shots; only a small arrow hole is left behind. Targets have kill zones marked that disappear at a farther distance. This allows for the hunter to practice on an unmarked target. The plastic targets are produced with weather resistant ink and recyclable plastic. There are several different targets available; whitetail, turkey, and rabbits.

Garry Sullivan from Nice Targets indicated that the interest received after the initial release was overwhelming. Because of the interest and requests, they are planning to bring 6-10 additional images, including; bear, wild pig, coyote, red fox, pheasant, squirrel, woodchuck, raccoon, 3-spot Vegas, 5-spot blue/white and large single spot blue/white. All of these plastic targets can be purchased individually or in a box of 100.



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