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Fishing for Deer

October 18, 2013
By Curt Grimm , Ohio Valley Outdoors

A great hunting season is not measured by how many animals I harvest, but by now many I pass up; how many times my heart races with excitement and how well I place my shot.

I love to hunt and I love to fish, but to combine the two sports is fun and productive.

To put down a scent line can provide an opportunity to see more deer and it can offer a good shot. There are two ways I find most productive. Using a fishing reel (Pocket Fisherman) that has line saturated with deer lure (I used Bob Kirshner's Curiosity Deer Lure), can be ran out from your stand to a position you feel comfortable to shoot.The line can be placed down the center of the shooting lane that you choose. If you know the direction of deer movement, you can favor the right or left side of the shooting lane to provide a better shot when the deer lowers its nose to smell the lure.

Article Photos

Ohio Valley Outdoors– Photo by Gary Grimm
The author with his Pocket Fisherman, used for casting scent rags from his treestand.

The other way I enjoy is casting for deer before they enter the area I am hunting. When I walk to my stand I clip on two dog collars around my boots that are saturated in deer lure. Once in my stand I attach a scent rag to my fishing line at the end of a small pole. I cast to the left or right to better play the odds. A wire leader and a medium sinker attached to a scent rag in the combination I call 'deer plug'.

The makes deer hunting more exciting, and my motto is: iIf you make something entertaining, then you can do well at it, but it has to be entertaining to spark the desire to stay with it.

Fishing line attached to a fawn or turkey decoy can also produce good results. A deer or turkey call adds to the effectiveness and can be fun.

Other items in my deer fishing box are bobbers. They come in a variety of colors and can be used to mark yardage. I prefer fluorescent orange, pink and green. Sometimes in the evening I may turn them upside down to get the white part up. In more heavy cover, I hang a few fluorescent orange bobbers on tree limbs to indicate my stand. It provides extra safety and does not blow in the wind like fluorescent tape.

Bobbers can also mark my way to my stand and some also come with built-in light bulb that will aid to find my way back to my truck. In addition to safety, I've also been known to cast out a fluorescent orange scent rag to let any approaching hunter know of my location. It's amazing the look I get and it adds to the entertainment.



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