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The ExtremeBeam TAC24 SWAT

December 29, 2013
Bill Waugaman , Ohio Valley Outdoors

Anyone who enjoys the outdoors has benefited through advancements in technology. Flashlights are a good example. As a young teenager, I used a flashlight powered by a 6-volt battery when running a trap line at night. The battery is about the size of a brick of .22 shells and weights around a pound and a half. In those days, that was the most powerful flashlight you could get. Better bulbs and more powerful, lighter batteries have greatly improved performance over the years. One of the newest flashlights benefiting from modern technology that caught my attention is the ExtremeBeam TAC24 S.W.A.T.

The TAC24 gives an unbelievable beam of light from a small flashlight. The exterior dimensions are 6 1/4" long, 1 1/8" wide in the body and just over 1 3/4" wide at the lens head. The weight with (2) CR123 rechargeable batteries installed is only 6.6 oz. The LED bulb output is rated at 340 lumens. The focusable beam and nearly mirror-like reflector project light in excess of 400 yards. The small size, high output and light weight make it ideal for anyone who hunts, fishes, traps, camps or hikes.

For the outdoors enthusiast, a flashlight must be rugged and durable, and the TAC24 is both. The body of the TAC24 is machined from solid bar aluminum. The reflective cone is machined from high-density bar stock aluminum, not plastic that is commonly in many flashlights. Even the inside of the TAC24 is beefed up by replacing the spring with their Anti-Recoil system to protect the bulb and circuit boards from recoil equivalent to a .50BMG.

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Some of the other features that make the TAC24 ideal for an outdoors person:

** Exterior -- a hard coated black matte finish with a crosshatch texture cut into the middle of the body and the battery cover making it easy to grip with cold, wet hands

** Waterproof -- by using double o-ring seals at both ends of the body, the TAC24 is rated IPX-8 waterproof under continuous immersion up to 2 meters (about 6 feet)

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ExtremeBeam TAC24 SWAT

** Glass Lens -- unlike plastic lenses that can get scratched and dull over time, the glass lens will stay clear

** Detachable Lanyard -- makes it easy to carry or attach to a backpack, duffle bag, tackle box or outerwear to keep from getting dropped or lost

** On-Off Switch -- pressing the on-off switch until it clicks gives continuous light when on; partially depressing the switch allows for brief intermittent use of the light

** Dual Power -- the ability to operate on CR123 batteries (3.0v or 3.6v) or a 3.6v 18650 battery allows more choices when shopping for replacement batteries

** Run Time -- rated at 7 hours, the TAC24 will outlast many other flashlights

** Limited Lifetime Warranty -- covers the body of the light to be free from defects in materials and workmanship; wear items (bulbs, lenses, reflectors, switches) are covered for one year

Being skeptical, I checked two features, the Run Time and being Waterproof.

** Run Time Test

Two Tungston Carbide 3.0v rechargeable CR123 batteries were put in the TAC24 (rechargeable batteries typically have less power than non-rechargeable ones). Over the hours, the brightness did fade. It was still on after 7 continuous hours, dim but usable in darkness (see image). In fact, it was still on at 8 hours before being turned off.

** Waterproof Test

The TAC24 was put in a bucket of water for an hour (see image). This flashlight is waterproof as advertised. For anyone who goes fishing at night, this would be an ideal flashlight to carry.

The list price for the TAC24 S.W.A.T. is $99.95. While this may sound expensive, it is comparably priced with other top of the line flashlights typically used by law enforcement and the military. For $10 more, the TAC24 SR3 has nearly identical features and is enhanced with strobe/on-high/on-low/off capability.

Optional accessories for the TAC24 flashlights include a remote on/off switch, a 1" weaver rail mount and a tactical holster. ExtremeBeam also makes several optional rechargeable battery kits. One of these kits, the Model EB-3.0v, is an ideal accessory for the TAC24. This kit includes four (4) 3.0v CR123 Tungston Carbide rechargeable batteries, the battery charger, a 110/220 volt AC adapter and a 12v car adapter. List price for this kit is $29.95. If you have ever purchased any kind of CR123 or 18650 batteries at a store, you know that this kit is a great deal and a real money saver.

For more information about the entire line of ExtremeBeam flashlights and accessories, their website is:



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