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A Gun-Craze Frenzy

February 26, 2014
By Larry Claypool - OVO Editor , Ohio Valley Outdoors

Should I be surprised to see gun sales, ammo sales still going so strong? Are you surprised by this, and can I call it a phenomenon?

I may be surprised by gun shops being swamped, I only own a few guns, but apparently according to people who do know about guns this is normal. Why is this? Are gun and ammo sales still being driven by fear?

We'll get back to that question, but has anyone else noticed this? My recent visit to a regional outdoor store - I won't mention names, but I'll say it's one of the smaller Cabela's and Bass Pro Shop clones in northeast Ohio - shocked me at how busy the gun counter was, on a Tuesday evening, one-half hour before closing time. There were 16 people (yes I counted) at the gun counter and at least 8-9 employees behind the counter. Now a few of those customers were probably together and I know one guy was inspecting a scope, but that's a really busy shop, just before closing time. And I'm not saying all of those customers made purchases, but the scene really surprised me.

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Is your local gun shop this busy?

I've also been to smaller gun shops lately and a few gun shows over the past few years but how and what is sustaining/driving this craziness? In my area the economy is still very weak, unless you've sold out to the Marcellus shale business. So where's all the money coming from to purchase guns, ammo and accessories? Conceal carry classes have been swamped too.

Now the fear aspect. Are we still saying this gun-craze frenzy is attributed to our President? I would say a good part of it is, but nearly eight years later? And the shortage of ammo? That's another ballgame in my opinion because people are hoarding it and/or buying it up to sell it for double and triple the price. Yes, there have been threats to take our ammo away and that's very upsetting.

So, your thoughts? Let me hear from you. Are the gun shops in your area getting slammed or am I overreacting?

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Why is this? Are gun and ammo sales still being driven by fear?

Allow me to go a step further. Will all of these gun shops and 'super outdoor stores' turn into flea markets when we elect a new president?

Either way we'll be a well-armed society.



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