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Aerohead Boots from LaCrosse Footwear – A Step in a Different Direction

March 25, 2014
Bill Waugaman , Ohio Valley Outdoors

LaCrosse Footwear, a company synonymous with high quality footwear, recently introduced a new hunting boot, called Aerohead, that is manufactured in a completely different way than their popular Alphaburly boots. According to LaCrosse, the Aerohead boot went through four years of development and testing. How the Aerohead is manufactured is important to understanding the benefits and advantages of this boot.

Step 1 -- The Aerohead starts out as a neoprene sock that is both flexible and insulating. The inside of the neoprene sock is covered with a moisture wicking jersey knit liner. A specially designed gusset is stitched in the back. The outside of the sock is completely coated with Brush Tuff, a bidirectional, abrasion-resistant weave material that protects against brush and briars, and is waterproof.

Step 2 -- Using a process called Armor Weld technology, liquid rubber is applied to the seam in the front. This reinforces the seam area and seals the boot seam to prevent leaking.

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Step 3 -- The neoprene sock and lightweight rubber compound outsole are put into a specially designed mold where warm liquid polyurethane is injected. This lightweight polyurethane shell cools and chemically bonds to the Brush Tuff around the foot area and up the front of the boot. On the bottom, the polyurethane creates the midsole between the neoprene sock and the outsole. This polyurethane midsole is durable, flexible and insulating. Plus, the midsole serves as an integrated shank supporting the arch of the foot and adds cushioning.

A collar made with a jersey textile material is sewn around the gusset and the top of the boot protecting the edge of the Brush Tuff, the neoprene sock and jersey knit liner. The nylon gusset straps are stitched to a 2" round pad of Brush Tuff. These pads are then attached to the outside of the boot using Armor Weld technology and liquid rubber seam sealant to insure the waterproof integrity. The gusset strap incorporates an adjustable clip to keep excess strap for dangling.

The attention to details for LaCrosse did not stop here. The rubber compound outsole has a non-loading tread design for mud, incorporates a toe bumper on the front and wraps around the back for better traction when walking. The back of outsole incorporates a small heel-kick to help in taking the boots off. The construction of the Aerohead incorporates Ankle-Fit, a design that holds the heel in place to prevent rubbing and chafing.

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LaCrosse Aerohead Boots

LaCrosse makes two styles of the Aerohead, a 3.5 mm neoprene shell with a Mossy Oak Infinity or Realtree Xtra Green Brush Tuff camo pattern, or a 7.0 mm neoprene shell with Realtree Xtra or Mossy Oak Bottomland Brush Tuff camo pattern. LaCrosse rates their 3.5 mm style at -30F and the 7.0 mm style at -60F. Both styles are 18" tall and are available in whole sizes from 5 to 15.

One of the first questions many outdoors people will ask is, "How much?" Surprisingly, the MSRP for the 3.5mm Aerohead is $130; the 7.0mm Aerohead is only $140.

Another question will be, "Why use polyurethane instead of rubber?" LaCrosse chose polyurethane for the Aerohead because of its durability, flexibility, light weight, good insulating qualities and being waterproof. When you put on the Aerohead boots, two of the benefits of using polyurethane are immediately obvious. First, these boots are lightweight in comparison to many other rubber boots. In size 11, the Areohead boots with a 7.0mm neoprene liner only weigh 5.8 pounds. Second, the cushioning action of the polyurethane midsole is especially noticeable when walking on a hard surface like frozen ground, ice or pavement.

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In size 11, the Areohead boots with a 7.0mm neoprene liner only weigh 5.8 pounds.

In talking with Alan Mullet, owner of Mullet's Footwear in Mesopotamia, OH, he said the Aerohead boots are selling extremely well. Mullet commented that he is continually reordering Aerohead boots to keep them in stock. When asked what comments his customers are making about the boots, Mullet said that everyone who has purchased Aerohead boots really likes them.

If LaCrosse expands the line of Aerohead boots or make any changes, my only recommendations would be a slightly larger heel-kick and a more aggressive tread pattern for ice and snow in the 7.0mm style. Even without any changes or enhancements, the Aerohead is a lot of boot for the money.

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