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Mogadore Reservoir Needs Policing

June 27, 2014
By Jack Kiser , Ohio Valley Outdoors

If there is anything more disgusting or disappointing than the current situation at Mogadore Reservoir, I don't know quite what it would be. While Brad Ashburn and Jeff Swanson's crew at the 'Route 43 Boathouse' are doing such an encouraging job of tending to and policing the limited area for their boat rentals and other needs, the rest of the Reservoir's shorelines and common areas have suffered horribly amidst the City of Akron's essential retreat from policing or overseeing the integrity and safety of this storied fishery and recreational hot spot. On my recent fishing forays I've noted garbage everywhere, fires on shores left smoldering, bags of trash hung from trees, ATV enthusiasts doing their very best to destroy area parking lots and hiking trails, and the total absence of trash receptacles of any kind, secured or otherwise.

All of this carnage has occurred for one essential reason: the word is out that there is no policing force - of any kind - any longer dedicated to the reservoir and it's adjacent areas. Scofflaws and other idiots talk too, you know.

Occasional visits by the Division of Wildlife boat hardly qualifies as anything for such people to be worried about. The disheartening absence of trash receptacles only provides unnecessary ammunition to the bad guys. The uncaring need no additional rationale. The feeble reply that such receptacles only "get thrown in the water" only reinforces the Catch-22 situation. If a policing force was in evidence, such behavior would be hampered, and why not install containers that are secured to trees or other structures? Ostensibly because someone would have to be engaged to occasionally empty them, and clearly Akron is in no mood for that.

Article Photos

This beauty of a bass was taken a few years ago at the Mogadore Reservoir.

Jeff Morgan at Mogadore Bait & Tackle expressed his concern to the powers that be over many of the same concerns articulated above, especially concerning the Lansinger Road area near his popular store. The response he received said it all: "We're aware of your concerns and the closing of Lansinger ramp and access is under consideration."

That's what we're up against and it's time to fight back in what ever way we can. I'd like those concerned to call into our Fox Sports "Destination: Outdoors" radio show with any insights or suggestions you may have. (Calls are taken each Monday evening live on WARF-1350 AM, from 6-7 p.m. at 866-372-1350). Co-host Steve Jones and I are Field High alums and feel a deep kinship to a place that has provided so many great memories and is now under attack without any defense mechanism.

In the meantime, folks, those cell phones so comically overused and frivolously utilized can be very handy for reporting not only poachers but also litterers, environmental abusers and other scofflaws. No matter your level of righteous anger, don't confront them yourself.

This is a sadly old story that needs revisited. Now.



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