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Getting Ready for the Smith & Wesson M&P Reviews

August 4, 2014
By Bill Waugaman , Ohio Valley Outdoors

The August issue of Ohio Valley Outdoor Times (on newsstands August 15) will have a review of the Smith & Wesson M&P22 handgun; in September (15th), the Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 Performance Center rifle will be reviewed. Being firearms, the reviews will include extensive range testing which means a variety of ancillary products to consider such as ammunition, optics, mounts and targets. Here's a sneak peek.


Winchester M22 - designed specifically for modern sporting rifles; black copper plated for reduced fowling and improved functioning in high capacity magazines; 40 gr. black copper plated lead round nose @ 1255 fps. (

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Winchester 222-Round - allaround load for any type of .22LR firearm; can be used for hunting, plinking or target shooting; 36gr plated hollow-point @ 1280 fps. (

Winchester Super-X Lead Free - environmentally friendly; tin hollow point bullet (priming mix does contain lead) is ideal for indoor shooting ranges; 26 gr tin hollow point @ 1650 fps; 50rd plastic pack. (

CCI AR Tactical - optimized for AR-22 platform rifles; improved reliability and superior accuracy; 40 gr. copper plated round nose target bullet @ 1200 fps. (

Federal 550-Round Value Pack - economical bulk packed; suitable for all types of .22LR firearms and any type of shooting; 36 gr. copper plated hollow point @ 1260 fps. (

Federal Fresh Fire Pack - nitrogen sealed weatherproof and waterproof container for extended storage and plastic lid for storage after opened; 36 gr. copper plated hollow point @ 1260 fps. (


Redfield Battlezone TAC.22 - Specifically designed for use with .22LR ammunition, this 2-7x34 scope comes with MOA and BDC elevation dials and Redfield's TAC-MOA reticle. Having an eye relief of 3.5", this allows more leeway in mounting on the picatinny rail. These features make the Battlezone TAC.22 an ideal choice for testing the accuracy of the M&P15-22. (

Bushnell First Strike Reflex Red Dot - This reflex red dot optic is small (1.02"W x 1.96"L x 1.45") and light weight (2.1 oz). The integral mount (both weaver and picatinny compatible) keeps the profile low. The 5 MOA red dot allows for quick target acquisition and is ideal for the shorter distances typical with handgun shooting. This makes the First Strike an excellent choice for the M&P22 and M&P15-22. (

Optic Mounts

UM Tactical UM3 Rail Mount - Mounting an optic on some semi-auto handguns is nearly impossible. The UM3 Rail Mount from UM Tactical easily attaches to most rails underneath the barrel (without screws), wraps around both sides of the frame/slide and creates a 2.5" picatinny rail above the slide for mounting an optic. The UM3 is also easily removed and reinstalled on the same handgun, or switched from one M&P to another or even between rimfire and centerfire. (

Leupold Mark 2 IMS (Integral Mounting System) - This tactical mount is ideal for any AR-platform rifle with a picatinny rail, including the M&P15-22. Once a scope is installed and zeroed, the Mark 2 IMS mount allows for easy removal and can then be reinstalled retaining an almost identical POI. (

Sight Mount Rail Mount - The rail mount from Sight Mount is a replacement for the rear sight of the M&P22. Simply remove the rear sight by loosening the set screw, slide the dovetail block in the rear sight groove and use the included screws to attach the 2 1/4" picatinny rail. For a more secure attachment a third screw can be used but will require a gunsmith to drill and tap a hole in the slide. The Sight Mount rail is a conventional 2 dot rear sight when used without an optic, yet allows the attachment of an optic in seconds. (


Birchwood Casey 12" ShootNC and 12" Dirty Bird Targets - Shooting plain paper targets especially with small bore cartridges can be a challenge in determining the point of impact. ShootNC targets have a black background, a chartreuse grid and diamonds, and 5 red diamond bullseyes; the point of impact is encompassed in the same bright chartreuse color. The ShootNC targets work well in low light conditions. Dirty Bird targets have a black background, white grid, white rings and 5 red bullseyes; the point of impact is obvious by the white ring around the bullet hole. The black and white contrast making these targets well suited for longer distances. (


Black Dog Machine 50-round Drum - To test continuous firing reliability, this usually means multiple magazine changes. For the M&P15-22, reliability testing just got easier with a 50-round drum from Black Dog Machine. The drum outer shell is made from a smoke color polycarbonate with the internal drum rotor made from glass reinforced nylon. Black Dog Machine recommends round nosed bullets (avoid hollow points) from specific manufacturers for best results. (

UM Tactical Holster - Mounting an optic on any handgun usually means trying to find a holster that will work with the specific handgun/mount/optic combination. UM Tactical makes the carbon fiber UMH3c Universal Speed Holster designed specifically to hold a UM3 equipped handgun with the optic mounted. This speed holster is a paddle back design adjustable for belts from 1" to 2". (



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