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Packing Time

March 18, 2015
By Gary Grimm , Ohio Valley Outdoor Times

One of the most valued items in our life is time. One of the biggest problems is trying to find enough of it. We all have obligations such as; work, family and hobbies that cut into the precious resource of time.

Preparing to go hunting, fishing, and hiking take a great deal of time and preparation. Sometimes so much effort is involved in preparation that the time set aside for the hobbies is used up just getting ready for what we want to do. This becomes frustrating and takes away from the enjoyment of the activity. Finding and packing the special deer knife, turkey call and the specialty items we take can be a real project. Then we go into the woods and discover that we left an important item back home because of rushing around.

My brother, Curt, and I use a system that virtually eliminates the preparation time and almost guarantees that we have everything we need with us in our various hobbies. We create packs specifically designed for the hunting, fishing, or hobbies we are about to do. Curt has packs for deer [rifle and archery packs], turkey [spring and fall] and fishing [lake or stream] outings. I use the same system for my hobbies of archery and fishing and photography, I also use this plan and apply it to toolboxes for plumbing, electrical, and fencing.

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Curt Grimm with his several specifically designed packs; used for deer and turkey hunting trips and fishing outings.

By using this packing time method, we save hours of preparation and tremendously cut down the frustration of not having something when we need it. You are likely thinking that this method will cost a fortune, but it does not. Curt and I go to the Rogers Flea Market and yard sales and garage sales to acquire packs, hunting items, fishing lures, and yes even tool boxes.

Talk to your friends and ask if they may have some unused or extra items in their boxes in the basement or garage. There are many people who will sell you the whole hunting and fishing collection due to the loss of the family member and would be thrilled to see the items being used. Some hunters or fishermen may be changing what they hunt or fish for. For example; my friend is moving to Florida next year, and he plans on "getting rid of" most of his freshwater fishing gear and wants the items to have "a good home". I can do that.

There are two major factors that affect the outcome of anything we do from outdoor sports, athletic sports, hobbies or even things we do at home with family, whether work or pleasure. The first is preparation. Lack of preparation may cause us to miss that buck or turkey by not having the right gear with us. We may miss that big catch because of the lure that is sitting on the desk at home.

As outdoorsmen know, there are many factors that make our adventures a success. Wind direction, temperature - whether the ground is soft or dry, whether the water is clear or cloudy among many other aspects make a difference.

This brings us to the second important factor - time. It's vital. The better our preparation by insuring we have all the "tools" we need to bag the animal or catch that fish, enable us to have more time to focus on all of the other factors. Time can be better used to assess our location, wind conditions, and other important factors around us.

This extra time will give us the opportunity to have a successful trip. Most importantly this method gives us time to relax and enjoy the adventure. After all the real purpose of hunting and fishing is to relax and enjoy the excitement of the adventure.



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