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My Favorite Hunting Season

March 19, 2015
By Curt Grimm , Ohio Valley Outdoor Times

My favorite time to scout for the upcoming turkey and deer season is February and March. After a fresh snow, it is easy to survey the deer and turkey population in the areas I am considering to hunt. Deer and turkey are grouped up together and leave a lot of evidence of the quantity in a particular area. Often times the males and females are together in their own separate groups. Antlers that are shed and the size of deer and turkey tracks provide unique evidence. In addition, coyotes are more likely to be encountered.

Corn fields, grape vine thickets, and oak forests are favorable spots to check. Road crossings are easy to find and by following the tracks they lead to greater populations of turkey and deer. I make a mental note of the areas and the quantity of tracks or game encountered.

Sitting in one of my treestands at the boundary between fields and forest offers a good view and offer great scouting potential. I can observe the size of the group of turkey or deer, and get a general idea of the bedding area. Sometimes it is rewarding to put out a few turkey decoys to attract a wondering coyote. My favorite gun to take with me is an over and under that has a high powered scope with a 223 and 12 gage combination. Binoculars can also serve as a useful tool to evaluate the size and quantity of animals. Scouting during this time of year offered an opportunity to get exercise and evaluate potential hunting spots.

Article Photos

Waterfalls, unique root formations, and sunsets are among the many great pictures that can be taken and enjoyed while scouting in the woods during this time of year.

It is easy to find an excuse not to go, but once you are out there, it is a winter wonderland. The quietness of the forest and the wind blowing across a snow covered field is very relaxing. All types of animals are easy to spot and the mark in the snow of a bird capturing its quarry is very unique. All of these make great pictures and cameras made now are quite user friendly. They also produce great quality. They work great under low light conditions and serve as a great scouting tool. Waterfalls, unique root formations, and sunsets are among the many great pictures that can be taken and enjoyed by all your hunting friends.

When the total event is taken into consideration, the hunting season of February and March seems to offer the most stimulation and the greatest opportunity to scout. There are some things you will notice, that are very often not paid attention to. There is a high percentage that you will not come home empty handed. You can gather valuable hunting data; make new contacts with landowners, and gain information that will help provide a productive and safe hunting season. You come across unique walking sticks and have beautiful photos that can be appreciated and shared for a lifetime.



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