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Fake Gun Store by Anti-Gun Group Causes Stir

Hidden Camera Video 'Shocks' Customers

March 23, 2015
By Bill Waugaman , Ohio Valley Outdoors

Editor's Note: This article was penned for the April issue of the Ohio Valley Outdoor Times, which hits newsstands on April 15, 2015, but we wanted to release it today because of the timeliness of the story and impact the video has stirred online. The video, titled "Guns with History", can be found on YouTube.

Last week a 'gun store' was opened up in the Manhattan's Lower East Side for just two days. It didn't shut down because of the ridiculous firearms laws in the state of New York or New York City; there were no protests; the store wasn't raided; in fact, it was reported that Mayor Bill de Blasio's office cleared this 'gun store' to open.

The 'gun store' closed after two days because the organizations behind the ruse (States United Against Gun Violence and New Yorkers Against Gun Violence) accomplished its goal of scaring people about firearm ownership and video taped it to further promote their agenda.

Article Photos

This is a screen shot captured from a YouTube video, titled 'Guns with History'. Shown is a Manhattan, NY store front that housed a temporary (fake) gun shop.

The store was set up and stocked with a variety of replica firearms, and hidden cameras. When the unsuspecting shoppers went into the store, they were told about a violent act that was perpetrated by a particular firearm. References were made to Adam Lanza, a Walmart shooting and even how a pump shotgun was used at a McDonald's in San Diego to kill 11 people, just to name a few.

I watched the 3+ minute video produced by SUAGV from the hidden camera footage and subsequent interviews. Is it effective in promoting an anti-gun agenda... absolutely. Did it make me (a pro-gun rights supporter) angry... absolutely. What is distressing are the comments made by some of the shoppers in the video after they left the store.

I wonder if the same scenario was created with a used car lot with a Chevy Camaro. The salesman could then tell the story of how Olivia Culbreath of Fontana, CA was driving one when 6 people were killed in an accident. Does SUAGV stand for banning all red or sporty cars from the highways?

Fact Box

The 'gun store' closed after two days because the organizations behind the ruse (States United Against Gun Violence and New Yorkers Against Gun Violence) accomplished its goal of scaring people about firearm ownership.

Maybe a drug store could be set up and whenever a person wanted to purchase a tourniquet, they would be told how John Wayne Gacy used one to strangle 32 teenage boys and young men in the Chicago area. Possibly the salesperson could talk about the 43,982 people who died from drug overdoses in 2013 as reported by the CDC. Does SUAGV stand for educating parents and children about the risk and dangers of drugs and medical supplies?

What about setting up a store featuring kitchen utensils and cutlery? Those shoppers could be told how Maksim Gelman stabbed 3 people to death (his mother's companion, a female acquaintance, the mother of the female acquaintance), killed a fourth person and wounded five others in New York City. Does SUAGV want to keep women safer by keeping knives out of the hands of domestic abusers?

A liquor store selling Absolut vodka would be an appropriate setting for pointing out how Diane Schuler of West Babylon, NY, while driving under the influence, killed 4 little girls ranging in age from 2 to 8, the 2-year-old being her own daughter. Does SUAGV support having a driving record check for every bottle of alcohol purchased?

On the SUAGV website, the first line on the page says, "States United to Prevent Gun Violence is a national non-profit organization dedicated to making our families and communities safer." How would their 150,000+ grassroots supporters respond to the four scenarios above? Would they be offended and not buy a vehicle, drugs and medical supplies, knives or alcohol? I believe every member of the organization and all of the grassroots supporters would be a hypocrite and say it's not the same.



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