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Frank and a Bobwhite Quail

May 26, 2016
By Larry Claypool - OVO Editor , Ohio Valley Outdoors

Nature has a strange, cool way of speaking to us when our words are just not enough. OVO Pro Staffer Denny Fetty experienced that recently - more than once.

Unfortunately the 'bob-white' sounds from a bobwhite quail brought back chilling memories from when he was a kid, hunting with his father Frank M. Fetty, who passed away on May 24, 2016 at the age of 79.

"I haven't heard one since I was about 12," said Denny on his Facebook page the day after his father died.

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"I woke this morning and started to read the words of so many things that people said about my Dad and I started crying again. Then I heard a sound that made me just stop! Jennie (his wife) asked me what was wrong. I said listen! I opened the window and heard this bobwhite quail!" added Denny. "Bobwhite quail are all but nonexistent in this part of Ohio! And they don't come sit on the porch of your brother and sister-in-law (his neighbors) and sing!

"Well Frank...I don't know how you did it but you sent me a sign this morning through the thing that you loved the most...nature!" said Denny.

The next morning Denny walked to the end of his driveway to get the daily newspaper. The pages of that paper would hold his father's obituary. The bobwhite quail would meet him again. This time at the newspaper box. "I can't see him, but I surely can hear him! God is good!" said Denny, again on his Facebook post.

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Frank Fetty, with his old Army knife that was refurbished by Blind Horse Knives of Wintersville, OH in 2013. Frank's son, Denny, took the photograph for an article he did about the old knife, which he later used as a hunting knife. The article can be found on this website, titled; 'One Man’s Trash, Is Another Man’s Treasure', by Denny Fetty.

Later that morning Denny went to the local barber shop for a haircut. "And who is in there? My dad's long-time steel mill buddy and friend for 50+ years! He keeps giving me signs to let me know that he is well!" said Denny.

The farm that is owned by his father's friend was the last place Denny could remember hearing the quail's calls."And that was about 38 years ago," said Denny.

Frank always shared his love for the outdoors, being among nature - and not just with family. He was the first Hunting Education Instructor in his county and later tutored Denny to also become a hunting instructor. The father and son spent many days afield hunting and fishing. And in the classroom teaching others how to be safe in the hunting woods.

For the past few years Frank's health has limited his trips afield. The highlights have been a few fishing trips with his great-grandkids.

Frank Fetty's hunting and fishing stories and memories will live on. Hopefully so will the sounds of the bobwhite quail.

See Frank Fetty's obituary online at:



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